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A Quality Product from
Mumbai - India

Description :
'OSMADIAL / SCIECON', Mercury Filled FULLY COMPENSATION TYPE Dial Thermometer is used in Chemical reactors of Chemical, Dyestuff, Sugar, Food & Fertilizer Industries.
The object of the thermometer is to detect changes of the temperature at the bulb. There is however, the possibility of error caused by variation of temperature along the tubing or at the pressure spring itself. In long system where the length of the capillary or tubing is more then 2 mtr, the volume of the tubing may be great enough to allow temperature changes along the tubing.
Now, Fully Compensated systems employ a second pressure spring and tubing. By means of linkages, the motion of the compensating pressure is made equal and opposite to the motion of the primary pressure spring. If the temperature along the primary tubings varies, causing expansion of the primary spring, the expansion of the compensating spring due to the same variation acts to cancel out the resulting motion of the indicating mechanism and thereby showing the actual mechanism.

Case : Heavy duty die cast aluminium stoved enamelled Black finished IP-55 weather proof surface mounting case. Model No. : 1130

Dial size : 150mm
Range : -30? c to upto +600?C.
Capillary : Red PVC/Copper/S.S covered TWIN flexible Capillary for Compensation, upto 30 mtr can be provided.
Bulb/Stem : M.S / S.S Bulb/Stem 1/2" O.D x 10" Total Length.
Connection : ?', _' BSP/NPT [M] / [F] connection.
Direct vertical mounting type can be provided.


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Products details
1] Bearing Temperature Detectors for Large Industrial H.T Motors/ID/FD/PA Fan
2] RTD's & Thermocouples for Power Stations as per customers requirnment.
3] Oil / Winding Temperature Indicator for Power & Distrubition Transformers, ESP Rectifier Trnasformers.
4] All kinds of Pressure Gauges, Pressure Recorders
5] All types of Temperature Gauges, Temperature Recorders
6] Thermowells in SS 316, 446, Special Purpose Solid Sintered Tungsten Carbide Thermowells.
7] Importers of Jumo, Ashcroft, Sika makes Temperature & Pressure Gauges
8] Single & Double acting Air Lock Relay
9] Single / Inclined U-Tube manometer
10] Electro-Pneumatic I/P Converters.

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